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Product Temperature range Description and applications +More info

A-110 and A-110-5P, A-121, and A-121-5P

Impregnating Lubricant, Hydraulic Systems, Gear Cases, Appliances, Business Machines, Power Tools

Chemlube 201, 207, 315, 645, and 645-AW

Impregnating Lubricant, Instruments, Business Machines, Appliances, Meters, Postal Equipment, Motors, Timing Devices, Compressors, Hydraulic Devices, Electric Motors

Chemlube 209, 217, and 5072

Impregnating Lubricant, Instruments, Gas Turbines, Compressors, Conveyors, Blowers, Heaters, Machine Tools, Ovens, High Temperature Motor Bearings, Small Tools, Electric Motors

Chemlube 626

Impregnating Lubricant, Appliances, Small Power Tools, Automotive Accessory Motors, Timers, Business Machines, Sound Equipment Applications, Electric Motors

Syntroil 220, 330 & 440 x

Impregnating Lubricant, Appliances, Automotive Parts, Business Machines, Power Tools, Sound Equipment Applications

Syntroil 555 & 560

Impregnating Lubricant, Timers, Electric Motors, Fireplace Inserts

Omnilube 60, 60AR, 100, 180, 180AR, 300, 350, 550 & 850

Impregnating Lubricant, Refrigerator Frost Free Motors, Electric Motors

Omnilube Non-Tox 280, 370 & 520

Impregnating Lubricant, Refrigerator Frost Free Motors, Electric Motors, Food Processing Applications

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