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Product Temperature range Description and applications +More info

CLEAN-setral-AN/U (Spray)

- 40°C - + 40°C High performance cleaner and degreaser, highly effective and fast evaporating.

CLEAN-setral-EDK (Spray)

- 10°C - + 40°C Cavity cleaner and cold paint stripper.

CLEAN-setral-FD (Spray)

- 30°C - + 80°C H1 high performance cleaner and degreaser

CLEAN-setral-SR (Spray)

+ 5°C - + 30°C General purpose foam cleaner for glass, plastics, machine parts, carpets, upholstery.

CLEAN-setral-SU (Spray)

- 40°C - + 40°C   General purpose cleaner and degreaser for metal surfaces

CUT-setral-SSZ 221 (Spray)

- 5°C - + 150°C Fully synthetic metal working fluid for demanding operations and for universal machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals

FLUID-setral-FKR (Spray)

- 10°C - + 100°C H1 multi-purpose oil for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry.

FLUID-setral-INT (Spray)

- 30°C - + 220°C   High-temperature separating agent and lubricant with long term effect

FLUID-setral-SHT 260 MT (Spray)

- 30°C - + 250°C Full synthetic high-temperature oil for chains and ropes

FLUID-setral-SHT 4500 MT (Spray)

- 5°C - + 200°C Fully synthetic adhesive lubricating oil with EP-properties for high-temperatures.

GLIS-setral-SQ (Spray)

- 20°C - + 80°C Fast acting synthetic penetrating oil.

MI-setral-7 NR (Spray)

- 25°C - + 450°C   MoS₂ assembly paste with a low coefficient of friction.

MI-setral-9 M (Spray)

- 30°C - + 1180°C Aluminium based general purpose lubricating and assembly paste for normal and high temperatures.

PRO-setral-11 X (Spray)

- 40°C - + 70°C Wax-like anticorrosive agent for long-term corrosion protection and for transports overseas

PRO-setral-ACS (Spray)

- 25°C - + 450°C MoS₂ assembly paste with a low coefficient of friction.

PRO-setral-FD (Spray)

- 30°C - + 70°C   Grease-like H1 anticorrosive agent for temporary protection

PRO-setral-KS (Spray)

- 40°C - + 80°C Low-viscous special fluid for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces

PRO-setral-PL 941 (Spray)

- Grease-like anti-corrosion for temporary protection

setral MULTI SILI (Spray)

- 40°C - + 150°C Fast-drying lubricant fluid on silicone base

setral PLASTOLUB GK (Spray)

- 20°C - + 80°C   Semi-synthetic lubricating oil for chains and ropes

setral TS (Spray)

- 10°C - + 80°C Silicone-free mould release agent for injection moulding

SI-setral-5 X (Spray)

- 40°C - + 200°C Synthetic, transparent lubricating and separating agent, based on Silicone oil.

SYN-setral-54 NF (Spray)

- 20°C - + 180°C   Synthetic MoS₂-grease.

Special grease spray

1 high-temperature grease with very high wear and corrosion protection

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