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Additional Information
  • H1 high performance cleaner and degreaser
  • For residue-free cleaning and degreasing of bearings, machine parts and injection moulds/tools.
  • Removal of grease, oil, resin, dirt and remains of sealings.
  • Typical applications: injection molding, food and pharmaceutical industry, engineering and plant equipment, automotive industy etc.
  • Note: This high-performance cleaner can be used for applications where technically inevitable contact with food or food packiging may occur.
  • H1 registered
  • Kosher certified
  • Halal certified
  • Evaporates fast and without residues
  • Compatible with common plastic materials
  • Cleans quickly and efficiently
  • Guarantees absolutely clean surfaces
  • Economical in consumption
Temperature range: - 30°C - + 80°C
Shipping containers
  • 400ml aerosol
  • 20l can
  • 200l drum
  • other packaging on request

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